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We hire highly skilled IT workers, turn them into world-class software developers, and get them into the global companies looking to expand their development capabilities.


At E-Jobs Service, we strive to match clients with programmers both for an agreed period of time or task and for long-term collaboration. Our goal is to assemble a customised IT team that is available to you at any time. We help global startups expand their development capabilities with talented software developers.

Entrust us with your project and we will find the right programmer for your exact requirements. The experience of all programmers is proven by many years of cooperation. At E-Jobs Service we guarantee quality. Moreover, we master a wide range of front-end and back-end technologies. So it is no problem for us to cover almost any project.


We specialize in both 10-hour projects and projects that require an entire development team to be assembled. Our other popular service is project management consulting or supervision.


Since 2014, over 120,000 applicants have passed through our hands. We have accepted only about 0.2% of them. These are the applications that have proven their agility, independence and enthusiasm to improve the world through IT.

Our talent pool has technical expertise in stacks like Node, Java, iOS, Android, C#, Python, php, mysql, .net, andriod, ios, ruby, JavaScript, jquery, xml, ajax etc.

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1217 Cape Coral Pkwy E,

Florida 33904, US

Holosiivskyi prospekt, 27 , Kyiv, 03039, UA

Štěpánská 704/61, Nové Město, 110 00 Praha 1

One Central 8th and 9th Floor , Dubai, AE

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