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We know thousands of IT experts all over the world

The best ones for you could be working on your projects soon.

We can help you the most through long-term cooperation with strategic IT capacity planning and team building. Feel free, however, to try out individual experts first.

We can find whole teams tailored to your needs

We are able to find specialists in both everyday and unconventional technologies – and in every IT field.

We will help you plan capacities for the long term and harmonise the needs of teams, projects, and business.

Do you like to be able to see several years ahead? So do we. The average time that our experts spend on a project is 454 days.


experts we supply meet our clients

We can find whole teams tailored to your needs

We are well versed in our field and market. Using our know-how, we always honestly calculate cost per hire, ROI, and other metrics.

We regularly discuss your KPI with you and help you meet your business goals.

We do not necessarily offer the most inexpensive solutions; instead we provide solutions that perfectly suit your needs and that you can rely on.

> 80%

of companies cannot accurately estimate their real costs

You can acquire foreign experts without additional worries

We know the relocation process and all the paperwork like the back of our hand. We deal with moving experts smoothly and with complete services.

We assist our IT experts with the onboarding process and getting started in a new country. This also makes their arrival easier for you.

There is no need to worry about delays. We can handle relocation just as quickly as others can recruit a local expert.

3-4 month

It takes an average of 3 to 4 month to relocate an expert

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